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Shark populations are declining worldwide, and the growing popularity of shore-based shark fishing is putting the future of sharks at risk. Sharks play a vital role in keeping our underwater ecosystems healthy and balanced. Our coastal ecosystems are particularly vulnerable in the absence of sharks. The ongoing declines and lack of recovery of threatened and protected shark species is a cause for concern. Catch and release may sound good in theory, but the stress and physical damage sharks experience more often than not result in death. Shark carcasses that have washed ashore are characteristic of shore-based shark fishing. Sharks have to swim to breathe. Their skeletal system is made up of cartilage, when they are pulled out of the water, the weight of their bodies can collapse onto their organs, crushing them. 

Shore-based shark fishing takes place in the same proximity as swimmers making them more susceptible to an accidental attack. Beaches are the #1 tourist attraction in most coastal counties. There is no justification for endangering millions of swimmers and surfers with an activity that poses significant threats to beachgoers and sharks alike. 

Become a shark conservationist today and join our growing number of Shark Watch volunteers who have dedicated their lives to shark protection.

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